Blood sugar could be preventing you from achieving your health goals.

What is blood sugar you ask? Blood sugar is a simple sugar (glucose) that is broken down through digestion from the foods we eat and travels through our blood stream to our cells to provide energy to our bodies. 

Our bodies are unable to make or store this energy. Since every movement we make requires this continuous supply of energy, our bodies are essentially a 'fuel as you go'  machine. Our body constantly regulates blood sugar levels to compensate when it rises to high or drops to low. It is constantly working to maintain a balanced  internal environment (homeostasis). If our blood sugar is too high our body stores and holds on to fat, if its too low then our body cannibalizes its own lean muscle tissues for energy. The result in these fluctuation of high and low blood sugar is poor body composition usually consisting of a low muscle mass and an increased body fat percentage, along with low energy and mental fatigue throughout the day.  

When a balanced internal environment ( stable blood sugar) is achieved it allows our systems to work effectively and efficiently by releasing stored far for fuel (which is burned in the muscle tissues and used for energy) while also allowing our body to protect and maintain its lean muscle. 

Knowing how to feed your body correctly to achieve stable blood sugar is the key to success with any health goal. By optimizing the correct nutrition ratios, calories per meal and proper meal intervals and adding a fitness routine, you will balance your blood sugar levels. You will then benefit from a steady level of energy throughout the entire day, eliminate sugar cravings and increase mental alertness making for a sharper mind and ability to concentrate.

Are you ready to take back control, achieve results and transition to a permanent healthy lifestyle? 




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